Tree Frost

Tree Frost, a vaudeville noir

Having found no other justification than hunger for the murder they’ve just committed, Maxence and Clamince are accosted by the police while eating a cadaver. Thus starts an epic journey that leads them from prison to psychiatric hospital, psychiatric hospital to go-go bar, go-go bar to cabaret, cabaret to nativity manger… woven throughout which are the themes of cannibalism, love, murder, gag, paedophilia, dancing, birth, death, the mob, prostitution and trade.

Written in 1996  –  Original title: La Gelée d'arbre, vaudeville noir  –  First published in France in 1998 by Théâtre Ouvert  –  English translation by Francesca Devalier

Characters: 3 women, 7 men and various small parts – Length: 1h15

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Illustration Emmanuel Reveneau in Théâtre incomplet 2